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Jansept Geronimo of Katarungan, a member of the CYSP, meanwhile, said local government units had not clearly coordinated with communities in preparing the list of beneficiaries.
Crystalline cyclosporine (extra pure) was received from Poli, Italy (CYSP, Figure 1(a)).
Each 100 [micro]L sample of this suspension (with or without CYSP, POYA, or ASDP) was then labeled with 2 [micro]L of a radical nitroxide marked probe solution ([10.sup.-2] M in dimethylsulfoxide); the probe was 5 DOXYL-stearic acid (5NS).
At a news conference in Manila, the CYSP called on the National Economic and Development Authority to conduct an audit of the National Housing Authority resettlement sites, described as substandard without provision for livelihood and social services.
'We fear that the NHA is constructing ghost towns, or houses without occupants,' said CYSP coordinator Joli A.
In the current administration, the campaign promise to us survivors that we have one foot inside Malacanang seems to translate now into us having one foot in the grave,' said Marife Juana, a beneficiary of the New Hope housing village in Tacloban City, in a statement from CYSP.
Earlier, members of the CYSP, particularly coming from eastern Samar, held a press conference in Metro Manila to air complaints of long-delayed and substandard housing units particularly in Barangay (village) Cansumangkay in Balangiga town.
Dhon Daganasol of Katarungan, one of the local groups under CYSP in Eastern Samar, said some of the housing units are so substandard, beneficiaries filed a 'notice of refusal' with the National Housing Authority (NHA) last month.
In the same barangay, CYSP said they found substandard, including what looked like sardine cans used as downspouts.
'From a target of more than 205,000 shelters, only 20,893 houses had been built as of March 2016,' or only 10 percent, said Danny Carranza, CYSP advocacy and policy leader.