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CYCLCalifornia Youth Chess League (Valencia, CA)
CYCLCentral Yorkshire Cricket League (UK)
CYCLConstant Yield Control Law (biotechnology)
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The investigation of cell cycle regulators showed that ARG decreased the levels of cycl in H, CDK-7, cyclin E, CDK-2, P-CDK, and NPAT proteins and had no effect on Rb and P-Rb proteins (Fig.
(7.) Thequery at find?str=surgery will, for example, return an XML document identifying the URI, which is the OpenCyc concept for the CycL collection #$Surgery.
Some of the everyday tableware may be sold off, with the proceeds going to the restoration of the city's collections, while objects which are irreparable, such as broken glasses will be re cycl e d .
Figure 5: Technology Comparison Technology Diesel Gas Simple Micro- Comparison Recip Recip Cycl Gas turbine Turbine Size Range 20-10,000 50- 1000+ 30-200 (eKW) 50,000 Efficiency 36- 43 % 28-46% 21-30% 25-30% HHV * Genset 125-300 250-600 300-600 350-750 Pkg Cost * Turnkey 350-500 600-1000 650-900 600-1100 w/o Heat Rec * Heat n.a.
North Korea's rapidly developing nuclear program dramatically affects our conventional forces' decision cycl e by posing an asymmetric threat.
For A put into SF3, the relation BT (for bigger than) between the values of two cycl es, v([c.sub.1]) BT v([c.sub.2]) will represent the finding that for all members of [NR.sub.A], the two terms in the expansion of det A, t1 and t2, that correspond to these single cycles are such that abs (t1) [greater than] abs (t2) as given above.
For the moment I observe that [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is almost formulaic at the beginning of a trimeter in these entrance announcement: Cycl. 85-7 [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Alc.
Cycl. 262-269'.(26) This may well be true in a tragic context -- the guard is clearly cut from a different cloth than the other heroic characters in Antigone.
The next three paragraphs--and, in much more detail, the next three sections of this article--discuss our approach to i), ii), and iii): our representation language (CycL), our inference engine (actually many little ones), and our ontology.
A week from [euro]525pp (flights extra) The Tyrol is the perfect place for a mountain-biking holiday that includes a four-day plac holid cycl 14-y cycling training camp for seven to 14-year-olds.