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An objective algorithm for detecting and tracking tropical cloud clusters: implications for tropical cyclogenesis prediction.
(vi) Explosive cyclogenesis: Explosive low development (or even a less intense low pressure system passing eastwards through Bass Strait) can be a problem in eastern Bass Strait.
The Atlantic storm is known by forecasters as a "weather bomb" or "explosive cyclogenesis" as its air pressure plunged by more than 24 milibars in 24 hours.
Sepp (2009) discusses an increase in cyclonic activity and the frequency of westerlies over the Baltic Sea basin during the 20th century along with a tendency of increased cyclogenesis. In recent years, the percentage of deep cyclones has risen, while the total number has not changed.
At that point, the storm went through a technical phase known as "rapid cyclogenesis," otherwise known as "bombs" for the speed and intensity of its development.
The results showed that there are two important centers of cyclogenesis in the East and West of the Mediterranean region in the winter and there is an active center on Iberia in the summer.
The current sea surface temperatures anomalies of Arabian Sea during last three weeks have exceeded that has potential for enhanced convection development over there which may lead to some cyclogenesis activities over Arabian Sea during pre-monsoon season (June) of the country.
It indicates the generation of vorticity in cyclogenesis (the birth and development of a cyclone).
This storm looks potentially damaging for the UK as the latest weather models are forecasting "explosive cyclogenesis".