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A 25% reduction in carboplatin (following her ninth BBBD) and cytoxan (following her 15th course of BBBD) was made to ameliorate the decline in her blood counts.
For instance, the drug trio of Adriamycin, Cytoxan, and Taxol (ACT) is a standard chemotherapy protocol given to many breast cancer patients.
It's pretty clear that the people who got Cytoxan had less shortness of breath," Dr.
Cytoxan Use in a Pregnant Female with Lupus Nephritis.
Methotrexate and Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) are associated with more moderate hair loss, and it's rare to have alopecia with Platinol AQ (cisplatin) use.
In these regimens methotrexate and carboplatin are administered intraarterially; however Cytoxan requires hepatic activation and therefore is administered intravenously.
The patient has taken Cytoxan, prednisone, and Bactrim at times.
R-EPOCH: rituximab plus etoposide (Bristol-Myers Squibb's Etopophos/Vepesid, Pfizer/Nippon Kayaku's Lastet, Baxter's Celltop, generics), prednisone (Sanofi's Cortancyl, Merck KGaA's Decortin, generics), vincristine (Genus Pharmaceuticals/Nippon Kayaku's Oncovin, generics), cyclophosphamide (Bristol-Myers Squibb's Cytoxan, Pfizer's Cyclophospham, generics) and doxorubicin (Pfizer's Adriamycin/Adriblastine/Adriacin, generics).
The data demonstrated that Cytoxan preconditioning combined with treatment with a CD4/CD8 zinc finger nuclease (ZFN)-modified T-cell product in (Cohort 3*) reduced viral load to below the limit of quantification in one of three subjects, and delayed onset of viremia for over 8 weeks, from the start of treatment interruption (TI), in another subject.
So within the next year or so we should have an idea whether or not Cytoxan is truly effective for these patients," he said.
Treatment for stage IVB Hodgkin lymphoma was begun, consisting of cytoxan, oncovin, prednisone, and procarbazine alternating with adriamycin, bleomycin, and vinblastine.
Mitoxantrone, a possible candidate; Cytoxan controversy continues Mitoxantrone, an immunosuppressive drug that has proved effective in a number of cancer trials was tested for safety in a small, uncontrolled trial of chronic progressive MS.