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CZCzech Republic
CZCondition Zero (video game)
CZCubic Zirconia
CZCanal Zone
CZComfort Zone
CZCatanzaro (Italy)
CZCzechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
CZCatanzaro (Calabria, Italy)
CZCatanzaro (Italian province)
CZCarl Zeiss (optical company)
CZCombat Zone
CZCeska Zbrojovka (gun manufacturer in the Czech Republic)
CZCrvena Zvezda (Serbian: Red Star; football club)
CZCzochralski (SI crystal growing technique)
CZCoastal Zone
CZCroatia Zagreb
CZContact Zone
CZControl Zone
CZConstruction Zone
CZCampzone (Netherlands)
CZClear Zone
CZConvergence Zone
CZCity Zone
CZCyber Zone
CZCrown Zellerbach
CZCrvena Zastava (car and weapon factory in Kragujevac, Serbia)
CZCommunications Zone
CZCrows Zero (movie)
CZCoaster Zombies
CZCensor Zone
CZCoahuila and Zacatecas Railway
CZCentrum Zamestnanosti (Slovak: Employment Center)
CZChina Southern Airlines Airport Code
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He commended role of the republic of Czechoslovakia in Africa particularly in the field of environment, pointing to the necessity to benefit from the international and regional organization in the capacity building, and the localization of the technology and applied researches to improve the production and promote the qualifications.
Indeed, Chamberlain's policies were discredited the following year, when Hitler annexed the remainder of Czechoslovakia in March and then precipitated the Second World War by invading Poland in September.
In 1938, Nazi Germany annexed portions of Czechoslovakia on the pretext of liberating the Sudetenland, a territory largely populated largely by Germans.
Following article will analyze how the decentralization principles existing and "functioning" in communist Czechoslovakia since 1968 failed when adapted to the new political situation after the transition to democracy more then 20 years later.
On that night an estimated 5 to 7 thousand Soviet tanks and 300A 000 a 500A 000 soldiers occupied part of Czechoslovakia for a month.
6 million pounds of gold from Czechoslovakia on behalf of Germany's Reichsbank, following the Nazi invasion.
Ragab told the local officials that he was sent to discuss the strengthening of trade ties between Egypt and Czechoslovakia.
The German invasion of Poland in 1939 came from the south as well as the west, because ofthe dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, and the defending forces were more dispersed than they otherwise would have been.
The development of economic relations with Communist China became increasingly more important for Czechoslovakia in the 1950s.
Skvorecky left Czechoslovakia for Canada shortly after Soviet-led Warsaw Pact troops invaded his country in August 1968 to end the so-called Prague Spring reforms and restore Moscow's dominance.
The President, formerly a popular playwright, was the tenth and final president of Czechoslovakia up until the dissolution of the country in 1992/93, and the first president of the Czech Republic upon its formation.
PA) was selected by GE Money Bank (GE Money) to provide fund distribution services in Czechoslovakia.