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DCDDevelopmental Coordination Disorder
DCDData Carrier Detect
DCDDonation After Cardiac Death (organ donation and transplantation)
DCDDepartment of Community Development
DCDDead Can Dance (band)
DCDDocument Content Description (W3C, XML)
DCDDécédé (French: Deceased)
DCDDuty Cycle Distortion (ANSI)
DCDDynamic Content Delivery
DCDdata collection device (US DoD)
DCDDeseret Chemical Depot (Tooele, Utah)
DCDDirectorate of Combat Developments (now Concepts and Requirements Directorate)
DCDDisk-Caching Disk
DCDDesign Control Document
DCDDef Con Dos (band)
DCDDFAS Corporate Database
DCDDual Currency Deposit (foreign exchange linked structured deposit)
DCDDownstream Channel Descriptor
DCDDocument Content Definition
DCDData Communications Device (Nortel)
DCDDigital Clock Distributor (Telecom Solutions)
DCDDie Cheerleader Die (band)
DCDDepartment of Career Development
DCDDesign and Construction Division
DCDDefense Corporate Database
DCDDevelopmental Cognitive Disorder
DCDDichotomous Coordinate Descent (algorithm)
DCDDefense Communications Division
DCDDesign Change Document
DCDData Consortium Dictionary
DCDDigital Capture Device
DCDDual Command Decoder
DCDDesired Completion Date
DCDDennis Test of Child Development
DCDDefence Construction Canada
DCDDual Coil Drive
DCDDischarge Control Desk
DCDDigital Communications Dispatcher (police)
DCDDesign Control Drawing
DCDDependability of Component Design
DCDDESCOM Candidate Depot
DCDDigital Conference Director
DCDDissociated Vertical Divergence
DCDDistributed Change Coverage
DCDDriver's Compass Display (device showing heading, waypoint, distance, and steer-to information)
DCDDiploma of Company Direction (UK)
DCDDirector of Corporate Development (various companies)
DCDDisease Control Division (various organizations)
DCDDirection de la Coopération pour le Développement (French: Directorate of Development Cooperation)
DCDDivision of Community Development (various organizations)
DCDDAF (Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek) Club Deutschland, eV (German car club)
DCDDigital Content Distribution (computing)