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D-1Dopamine Type 1 (neurotransmitter; also seen as D1)
D-1Day 1 Posthatch (laboratory chickens)
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As estimated in Table-2 (Fig, 2), the daily intake metals (DImetal) from root vegetables for community on average basis estimated to be Fe 0.0527 mg d-1, Cu 0.018 mg d-1, Cd 0.503 g d-1 and Pb 6.580 g d-1.
Second, if [[??].sub.d-1]([SIGMA]; Q) = 0, then T is relatively acyclic if and only if it is a cellular spanning forest of [[sigma].sub.(d-1)].
Main features: acquisition of a patient contacts management computer in ambulatory surgery on d-1 and d-1 at chr metz-thionville and ch de briey
Tenders are invited for Purchase, Installation and Commissioning of Sub-sea Production System for Sub sea completion of D-1- G, D-1- H (D-1 15Z) and D-1 - I Wells in the D-1 Field of BandS Asset
Tenders are invited for Purchase of surfacing aggregate, D-1 Modified, Stock piled.
The D-1 Civic Center Block is one of the integral elements of the Union Square Revitalization Plan ( the Plan ).
Tenders are invited for Improvement & Strengthening of of intemal roads in D-1 Block, 1 -A Blort.