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D-AMPSDigital Advanced Mobile Phone System (also seen as DAMPS)
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CSK's GSM-900/1800 and D-AMPS licenses cover a territory with a population of about 2.
STM's GSM-1800 and D-AMPS licenses cover a territory with a population of approximately 550,000.
In the Moscow License Area VimpelCom had approximately 780,100 subscribers on its GSM and D-AMPS networks.
DCC has joined the International Association of operators of D-AMPS networks as a Ukranian representative.
The Company also reported as of the end of August, 1999 a subscriber base of approximately 173,000 on its Moscow GSM and D-AMPS networks, representing a growth of approximately 40% since the beginning of the year.
MOBILE BLOCKER is compatible with AMPS, D-AMPS, CDMA, GSM, PCS, and PHS systems at frequency bands of 800, 900, 1800 and 1900.
Logica Aldiscon's OTASP-136 is the chosen OTASP solution of all D-AMPS operators currently offering Over the Air Service Provisioning.
Triton PCS expects to begin testing the JAMBALA platform beginning in October on its D-AMPS IS-136 network.
Over five million of these subscribers are already using D-AMPS digital services, and all analog AMPS systems have the potential of migrating to D-AMPS in the future.
The increase was due to the increased depreciable asset base resulting from the Company's continuing capital investments in its D-AMPS and GSM-1800 networks.
ICSA connects to the network using standard communication protocols (GSM, PCS 1900, D-AMPS, etc.
TDMA or D-AMPS, has the advantage in such places as South America, were a plethora of AMPS systems exist which can easily be upgraded through the transceiver to D-AMPS," Swasey said.