D-CLASSData Encapsulating Class
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Glotch and his students compared the mid-infrared spectra of Phobos glimpsed by the Mars Global Explorer to samples of a meteorite that fell to Earth near Tagish Lake, British Columbia, which some scientists have suggested is a fragment of a D-class asteroid, and other rock types.
A D-class lifeboat was launched from Redcar Lifeboat Station and crews conducted an area search.
A report indicates that all six of the Royal Navy's D-class destroyers are in harbour for refit or repairs.
Volvo CE's D-Class articulated haulers entered the market in 2000, covering a payload range of 24 to 37 tons.
Secretary RTA terming such roadside stands illegal informed that in 2015 the RTA has shutdown 190 such roadside stands, adding that, there are a total of 15 legal public transport stands in which 10 are D-class, one B-class and 4 are C-class.
The team observed that very poor quality vegetable and fruit and D-class vegetable items were being sold on high price.
The Coast Guard D-class inshore rescue boat was launched from Union Hall.
Importantly, NWI will have the same right as existing port users to access available D-Class ship movements, should its infrastructure capacity exceed 50Mtpa.
The automaker will be initially importing C-Class model in 2013, a D-Class model in 2014, and two models from Chrysler's C-Class and D-Class models.
They launched their Dorothy Selina lifeboat and D-class vessel just after 5.30pm on Thursday.
The Scud-B has a range of 300 kilometers, while the Scud-C has a range of 500 kilometers, and the D-class is estimated to have a range of 700 kilometers or more.
Currently I see many USPSA competitors using fiber optic front sights, at all levels from D-class to Grand Master.