D-FIRSTDeployable Force-on-force Instrumented Range System
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[CAR.sub.it] = [[alpha].sub.i] + [[beta].sub.1] [LAW.sub.j,t-1] + [[beta].sub.2] [INF.sub.j,t-1] [[beta].sub.3] [Bear.sub.j,t-0.5] + [[beta].sub.4] D-First + [[beta].sub.5] [ROE.sub.i,t-1] + [[beta].sub.6] In[CAP.sub.i,t-1] + [[beta].sub.7] 1n([TA.sub.i,t-1]) + [[beta].sub.8] Tender + [[epsilon].sub.it] (2)
It is an indicator of the stance of monetary policy in a country; BEAR equals the cumulative reduction in market returns in county j in the 6 months prior to announcement date; D-First combines D1 and D2 and represents initial purchase of stake; RoE equals the return on equity to target bank i; CAP equals the natural logarithm of the market capitalisation of target bank i; TA equals the natural logarithm of total assets of target bank i; Tender equals 1 when method of purchase is a tender offer and zero otherwise; and [[epsilon].sub.it] is the error term for bank i.
The results suggest that ownership is not a determinant of CAR although the signs on D-First are positive (with one exception).