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D-ILADirect Drive Image Light Amplifier (Hughes/JVC projector technology)
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27-inch 4K2K D-ILA device that was the world's smallest device of its kind, having a 6.
The 4K2K D-ILA device offers the world's largest number of pixels, 4096 x 2400 - about ten megapixels - and a high 20,000:1 contrast ratio, providing images at an unparalleled resolution.
What makes JVC projectors unique is the use of three D-ILA imaging chips (one each for red, green and blue) to ensure natural, flicker-free image reproduction with 3840x2160 resolution on-screen.
Additionally, each of the three D-ILA chips has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 allowing the projector to fully display a full HD 1080p signal without scaling.
With its patented 3-chip D-ILA technology, JVC displays deliver full 1920 x 1080p native resolution without using spatial dithering, spinning color wheels or other "tricks" commonly used in the industry.
Sales of D-ILA hybrid projection TVs were sluggish due to sharp declines in market selling prices at the end of the calendar year, while sales of audio products were also sluggish.
Among its many product highlights, JVC will introduce two new Slim HD-ILA Rear Projection HDTVs and a full HD D-ILA home theater projector that delivers the industry's highest native contrast ratio.
Exhibit of display line-up -- main stage Beginning with the ultra-large screen D-ILA projection TV (sample only), a line-up of TVs will be on display including D-ILA projection TVs, full HD LCD TVs, and LCD TVs with Clear Motion Drive.
JVC) announced today that it has extended its D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) lineup with the development of a new microdisplay device.
The JVC D-ILA rear projection televisions I have calibrated do not hold a candle to this Brillian or the Qualia and they belong at a much lower price point.
AAlchemy also supports custom resolutions for JVC D-ILA projectors, which are widely used in the ATC market and provide a key component of the Adacel solution.
Realta's programmability allows consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers to keep pace with newly developed content and optimize image quality for different types of display technologies such as Plasma, LCD, DLP, HTPS, D-ILA and LCOS.