D-KEFSDelis-Kaplan Executive Function System
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Table 3: The between-group analysis of D-KEFS TMT variables.
The current study aimed to develop, for the first time, an appropriate Persian version of the D-KEFS tests for assessments of brain-damaged patients in Zahedan, Iran and to provide preliminary validation evidence, applying a normal sample of Baluch bilingual youth with demographic traits of the patients.
Therefore, given the written format of parts of the D-KEFS tests, we used Persian as the language of administration in this study.
Thus, our adaptation of the D-KEFS tests on the adoption-assembly continuum (Malda et al., 2008) varied for different tests: collecting new items for more culture-bound tests (e.g., for the WCT and PT), changing only some parts/conditions of the test (e.g., for the TMT), or translating only the test instructions (e.g., for the TT).
D-KEFS TMT consists of five conditions: Visual Scanning, Number Sequencing, Letter Sequencing, Number-Letter Switching, and Motor Speed, respectively (for details of the D-KEFS conditions, see the Examiner Manual; Delis et al., 2001b).
D-KEFS VFT has three conditions: Letter Fluency, Category Fluency, and Category Switching.
In addition, regression analyses were performed to examine how the changes in cTOL were associated with the time since injury, the percentage of homework assignments turned in, and impairment in inhibition as measured by the D-KEFS subtest, Color Word Interference Test score.
Impairment of inhibition function was measured by the D-KEFS subtest, Color Word Interference Test, Condition 3 standard scale scores.
found significant improvement for the GMT group on the achievement score of the D-KEFS subtest, TOL [15] and Spikman et al.
For example, the D-KEFS subtest TOL differs from the cTOL in a few key aspects.
Moreover, the MCI group showed worse performance than HC participants in all cognitive domains, except for the number of errors in the D-KEFS Trail Making Test (executive function).