D-LFTDirect Long-Fiber Thermoplastic (plastics)
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Henning says the base polymer must be styrenic copolymer, not the PP that's used in other D-LFT applications.
SFT competes with a wide range of materials, including long fiber reinforced engineering plastic, glass mat thermoplastic(GMT), sheet molding compound/ bulk molding compound (SMC/BMC), D-LFT and metals.
The LGF screw is said to be compatible with either D-LFT (in line compounding) processes or molding precompounded long-glass pellets.
Widely popular in Europe and Asia, D-LFT technology is still growing in North America, where applications are concentrated in the automotive industry, but include many non-automotive applications as well.
At the recent NPE show in Chicago, two familiar names in injection molding machinery introduced standardized equipment options for a patented D-LFT process that is said to be less expensive and simpler to operate than other D-LFT methods.
The move also involves a switch from polyolefins, which have been the mainstay of D-LFT composites, to styrenic thermoplastics.
Steve Bowen, president and CEO of PlastiComp, and Ron Hawley, Woodshed president and inventor of the D-LFT technology, agreed that PlastiComp will hold exclusive global marketing rights for Woodshed's D-LFT process.
in 1989 to mold D-LFT parts and license the process.
It's a rare opportunity to meet and mingle with dozens of innovators in D-LFT and other long-fiber thermoplastic technologies, such as extrusion of structural profiles.
PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY is organizing a two-day conference on D-LFT technology at the Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel in Miami, Fla.
D-LFT as it's called, promises to make large parts cheaper and stronger -- but with new technological risks and higher up-front investment costs.