D-LOGDiscrepancy Log
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The maximum horizontal shear strength, Su, of the D-log walls was calculated as:
The height and width of the D-log wall specimen are designated as a and b.
The major fastener used for holding the D-log elements together was lag screws, since top-down bolting or long bolt application is limited to only a few builders in Taiwan.
As a D-log wall specimen is subjected to monotonic test (Fig.
The major failures of D-log walls subjected to lateral loads are shown to occur at the lower portion of the wall on the same side as the load application and act as a deformed cantilever beam.
The comparison of horizontal shear strength of D-log walls without openings and with various window opening sizes was observed.
It was determined that an improvement in the racking behavior of D-log walls might be achieved by using larger sizes or more lag screws.
Racking tests on western redcedar D-log walls assembled with lag screws showed better horizontal shear strength than conventional plywood sheathed light wood-frame walls and also related to the thickness of the wall sections.