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D-SIDEDefense Strategic Integrated Decision Environment (US DOD)
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Q: You were in the boy band D-Side who enjoyed chart success - did you get a lot of fan mail during that time and how did you cope with that?
So when we had a bit of a break from D-Side I just wanted to do something completely different.
While the elder statesmen of pop have always been hugely supportive to the young pretenders, now that Brian McFadden has left Westlife, D-Side think the group's fanbase will change.
Then D-Side made their entrance and the entire hall shook with a mixture of shock, disbelief and teenage hormones.
Fans will be able to judge for themselves whether Phixx will be the next big pop thing when they showcase a selection of their upcoming releases alongside the trio of divas which is Mis-teeq, pop newcomers D-Side and a repeat performance of the collaboration between former So Solid Crew member, Romeo and Harry Brooks.
To be fair, those who have compared D-Side to Westlife have got a bit to go on.
Panel participants include: Moderator: Charles DiLisio, President of D-Side Advisors -- Bill Adamec, Director, Semiconductor Technology of Microsoft -- Robert Blake, VP of Product Planning of Altera -- Mark Gogolewski, CTO of Denali Software -- Jack Harding, President, Chairman & CEO of eSilicon -- Chris Malachowsky, Fellow, Co-Founder & EVP of Engineering & Operations, NVIDIA -- Carl Schlachte, President & CEO of ARC For more information on the panel and its participants, please go to: http://fsa.
Derek Ryan was once the singer in chart-topping D-Side who enjoyed a string of hits from Ireland to Japan.
So on the up for next year are: D-Side (a boyband that write their own material), Elation (a rock band with a personality which can only described as U2-esque), Mylo (the best DJ sound I've heard in ten years) and 2FM's Mark McCabe (no longer peddling his Maniac sound).
The concert, featuring boy band D-Side, takes place at Willenhall Social Club, in Robin Hood Road, tonight starting at 7.
But the proud D-Side singer has told his management bosses: "I'll never lose my Dublin lilt for a job.
They've already shared the stage with Blue, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, Blazin Squad, Busted, D-Side, Girls Aloud and Romeo, and hope their new single, released in September, will be a huge success.