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D-SIDEDefense Strategic Integrated Decision Environment (US DOD)
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Q: You were in the boy band D-Side who enjoyed chart success - did you get a lot of fan mail during that time and how did you cope with that?
He said: "When I was in D-Side we moved to London and when we split up I stayed there for a while and then I went back gigging on the Irish pub circuit.
So when we had a bit of a break from D-Side I just wanted to do something completely different.
While the elder statesmen of pop have always been hugely supportive to the young pretenders, now that Brian McFadden has left Westlife, D-Side think the group's fanbase will change.
New Year celebrations are in full swing at Millennium Point as pop stars D-Side take to the stage
Then D-Side made their entrance and the entire hall shook with a mixture of shock, disbelief and teenage hormones.
Fans will be able to judge for themselves whether Phixx will be the next big pop thing when they showcase a selection of their upcoming releases alongside the trio of divas which is Mis-teeq, pop newcomers D-Side and a repeat performance of the collaboration between former So Solid Crew member, Romeo and Harry Brooks.
The stream of guests was kept partying into the night, with special performances from pop stars D-Side and Ian Van Dahl, at Club M.
To be fair, those who have compared D-Side to Westlife have got a bit to go on.
Panel participants include: Moderator: Charles DiLisio, President of D-Side Advisors -- Bill Adamec, Director, Semiconductor Technology of Microsoft -- Robert Blake, VP of Product Planning of Altera -- Mark Gogolewski, CTO of Denali Software -- Jack Harding, President, Chairman & CEO of eSilicon -- Chris Malachowsky, Fellow, Co-Founder & EVP of Engineering & Operations, NVIDIA -- Carl Schlachte, President & CEO of ARC For more information on the panel and its participants, please go to: http://fsa.
The panel discussion, titled "Evolution of the Fabless IC Business Model," is moderated by Charles DiLisio, president and senior advisor at D-Side Advisors, and will be held Wednesday, February 28, from 11:30 a.
The insider added: "Irish pop acts from the past such as D-Side, Bellefire and Six are simply no longer around.