D-SMESDistributed Superconductor Magnetic Energy Storage
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Our D-SMES solution will allow TVA to rapidly meet their customer's increasing needs for more cost effective and reliable power while increasing the amount of power that can safely flow through existing transmission lines," said Greg Yurek, chief executive officer of American Superconductor.
To learn more about the AMSC/GE co-branded D-SMES power reliability solution, see http://www.
Based on the success of our nine operating D-SMES units at three utilities, we are developing a reputation for having the most effective, lowest cost transmission reliability solution in the industry.
American Superconductor and GE are continuing to work jointly with Entergy to identify additional areas where D-SMES can provide the most effective, lowest cost and quickest means to increase reliability and power bandwidth.
D-SMES units are installed in substations within transmission and distribution power grids to solve voltage-related problems and to increase the power transfer capability, or power bandwidth, of existing grids.
The D-SMES system offered by GE and American Superconductor clearly was the lowest-cost, most effective and quickest solution available to meet our needs.
Entergy is evaluating additional D-SMES units in the near term to meet its needs for increasing reliability and enhancing power flows through its growing power delivery system.
Our new D-SMES product line provides the quickest, lowest cost and most effective solution for power reliability and capacity needs.
With the momentum we built toward the end of our last fiscal year, the new marketing and sales alliance we commenced with General Electric last quarter, and the successful start up this summer of the first commercial D-SMES system in a utility power grid, we believe we can achieve our revenue targets for SMES this fiscal year," said Yurek.
The D-SMES product stores electricity from the power grid in a coil of superconducting wire.
The IVR (industrial voltage restorer) is based on new technology developed for the company's D-SMES solution for power grid reliability.
By broadening the application of SMES technology from factories to transmission networks, the D-SMES units will enable networks to rapidly return to a stable operating condition, thereby avoiding wide scale power failures.