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D-STARDigital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio
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To help meet this objective, D-STAR terminals have been set up in Niger and Burkina Faso that can help develop the agricultural economy of isolated communities as well as medical and school services.
The 40% share of D-STAR terminals deployed in Western Europe illustrates the increasing role played by satellite in broadband markets despite that terrestrial networks are well developed in that region; - Tooway(TM)(5), the consumer broadband service launched in 2007, is now distributed in 15 countries by 23 partners including Numeo and Sat2way for France and Telecable for Spain.
This performance reflects: - Expansion of in-orbit resources during the previous fiscal year, with the opening of three new neighbourhoods: 7 degrees West (ATLANTIC BIRD(TM) 4), 4 degrees East (EUROBIRD(TM) 4) and 9 degrees East (EUROBIRD(TM) 9), bringing 43 additional operational transponders during the current fiscal year(3); - Strong momentum of Video Applications, illustrated by the continued increase of channels broadcast by the Group's satellites for DTH (Direct-to-Home) reception and for feeding cable and DTT networks; - Continued take-up of Value Added Services, notably sustained by deployment of the D-STAR service, by mobile broadband services for transport markets and also by the launch of the first offers of the TOOWAY(TM) satellite consumer broadband service.
We have had much success in the last few years with our D-STAR Video product and the time was right to launch a new generation product to revolutionize the delivery of audio from Record Labels to their numerous media partners," said CEO Peter Skillman.
Each Town Hall is equipped with Skylogic's D-STAR two-way broadband system which comprises a 96cm antenna and an indoor unit the size of DVD player.
As part of a far-reaching information and education campaign, a demonstration bus equipped with a D-STAR antenna, 16 PCs and trained staff also toured the province to teach basic e-mail, Internet and other ICT skills to the local population.
Growth of Value Added Services was principally driven by continued deployment in Europe and emerging markets, notably Africa, of D-STAR terminals, which allow for broadband access in areas not covered by terrestrial networks.
This was driven by ongoing deployment of the D-STAR service which provides Internet access and Virtual Private Networks to enterprises and institutions in regions with inexistent or unreliable terrestrial broadband infrastructure.
the sale of D-STAR terminals corresponding to the initial roll out of the Smart Telecom contract (Ireland).
This was driven by the on-going deployment of D-STAR despite the technical incident experienced by the W1 satellite, and solid demand for capacity from partners who bundle capacity with their own turnkey services.
Martin Harris University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Aurora, CO D-STAR (Diabetes-System To Access Records): An Online Patient Portal to Improve and Sustain Diabetes Self-Care Two-year grant totaling $397,099 Contact: Dr.