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The five will also emphasize the interconnectivity of their D-VHS decks and BS tuners in their advertising, the companies said.
They also agreed to employ the common name ''Digital Hi-Vision Video'' in their product catalogs and advertising for their respective D-VHS decks, they said.
Significantly, will Hollywood release films in D-VHS format?
As it happens, Pandemonium's distribution partner, Disney, is embarrassing itself by remaining uncommitted to D-VHS, at least for now.
Don't expect Warner to come around on D-VHS anytime soon, however.
While none of those companies has officially committed to releasing product in D-VHS in time for JVC's planned launch, both Fox and Universal indicated support for the format in press releases.
"We look forward to making our motion pictures widely available using new consumer electronics devices such as D-VHS and digital set-top boxes ...
In introducing D-VHS, JVC announced technical standards for its own copy-control system, a system that is not expected to be compatible with recordable DVD systems.
Gary Bennett, executive vice president of Hitachi Home Electronics (America) Inc., Norcross, Ga., says the company will begin producing D-VHS machines coincidentally at about the same time it starts offering digital video disc (DVD) equipment.
"Of course, DVD is only a playback unit while D-VHS is a recording medium, so it will be able to record from digital sources such as DSS and take advantage of the superior audio and video quality of digital signals," Bennett explains.
And while the launch of any new format by a single manufacturer promises to be a daunting challenge (witness Sony's ultimately fruitless efforts to establish its Betamax format), the JVC standards were immediately embraced by 20th Century Fox, which called D-VHS "the system for the content of yesterday, today and tomorrow."
Though Fox didn't say it directly, the standards include copy protection for prerecorded D-VHS programming, raising the prospect that the studio may issue movies on the new digital cassettes.