D-cellDeployment Cell (US DoD)
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Powered by four long-lasting D-cell batteries or an AC adapter if hardwiring is desired, this dispenser supports easy retrofits in renovated washrooms.
A two-speed air pump with weighted air stone operates on two D-cell batteries or a 12-volt cigarette lighter adaptor; choose high speed for maximum aeration, or low-speed for extended battery life.
It would be easy to tie the blackout into this issue's supply chain feature, Taking the Vitals of the Supply Chain (starting on page 56), given the lack of fuel, perishable foods, and D-cell batteries that we're experiencing in the first few days after the trauma.
d e -t With the brand's environmental stance, it's a bit disappointing the unit needs six D-cell batteries for portable operation, with a recycled battery pack available only as an optional extra.
With the firm's environmental credentials, it's disappointing the system needs six D-cell batteries for portable operation, with a recycled battery pack only available as an extra.
Designed in the shape of D-cell batteries, these pots include a clear vertical marker to show you when you're running low on seasoning and it's time to recharge.
They also share Hair Trigger Technology for fast trigger speeds, Centered Subject Technology for better image framing, 30-second to 30-minute delays, SD Memory Card storage, and both run off four D-cell batteries.
A typical response of a D-cell to light is presented in Figure 5 A.
An automatic unit (#3164) is powered via a supplied AC power adapter or by D-cell batteries (not supplied).
They are powered by two (present day) D-Cell batteries and can be hooked up to your own home phone system to take regular incoming calls.
The new device is smaller--about the size of a D-cell battery--than earlier versions of heart-assisting implants, making it more suitable for people with smaller bodies, like women anal adolescents.
Pleasanton CA), the maker of a mechanical heart the size of a D-cell battery, is to buy HeartWare International Inc.