D-SHARPDisplay System using High-Aspect-Ratio Projection (Microsoft)
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The added symmetrical hexachord situation would be CDEFGA and the second hexachord F-sharp G-sharp A-sharp B C-sharp D-sharp.
This year's event will be hosted by star duo Al Reynolds & Lyndsay Christian , set to the seamless mixes of Bay Area staple DJ D-Sharp, and attended by invited fashion industry connoisseurs and professionals as well as the entirety of CEPR's clientele (which includes celebrities, models, actors, professional athletes, filmmakers, recording artists, sports legends, philanthropists, public speakers, entrepreneurs and San Francisco 49er superstars Vernon Davis, Chris Culliver, & NaVorro Bowman ).
His acoustic discography shows a concentration on the romantic and late-romantic works, spanning from Weber's Invitation to the Dance to Ravel and Scriabin's Etude in D-sharp Minor from Op.