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D1RD1 Dopamine Receptor
D1RD1-Like Receptor (kidney research)
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[[sup.3]H]-SCH23390 (dopamine D1-like receptor antagonist) and [[sup.3]H]-Spiperone (dopamine D2-like receptor antagonist) were purchased from Perkin-Elmer (Boston, MA, USA).
Katz, "A comparison of the locomotor stimulant effects of D1-like receptor agonists in mice," Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior, vol.
Renal locally formed dopamine is a major regulator of proximal tubule salt and water reabsorption and exerts its physiological actions through two different receptors located at the tubular cell surface: D1 receptor subtype (D1R, a member of the D1-like receptor family together with D5R) and D2 receptor subtype (D2R, a member of the D2-like receptor as well as D3R and D4R) [118-121].
McGrath et al., "Intrarenal dopamine D1-like receptor stimulation induces natriuresis via an angiotensin type-2 receptor mechanism," Hypertension, vol.
Dopamine regulates ROS production in a biphasic manner: at physiological concentrations, dopamine decreases ROS production, via D1-like receptors, but at high concentrations ([greater than or equal to]10 [micro]M) it stimulates ROS production [131-133].
Dopamine displays sustained effects via D1-like receptors, reducing renal Ang II tonus, decreasing AT1R mRNA and protein expression, and inducing AT2R-dependent natriuresis in the kidney [170].
Two classes of GPCR mediate dopamine functions; D1-like receptor subtypes (D1 and D5) couple mostly to Gas and stimulate the production of the second messenger cAMP and the activity of PKA.