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D12Dirty Dozen (rap group)
D12The Dirty Dozen (online gaming group)
d1212-Sided Die (gaming)
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He said that after completion of construction work on approach road in Sector D12, work on installation of street sign boards and sign boards is in progress which would be completed at cost of Rs.
Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV), is launching a new warranty for D12 engines that undergo its Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul programme.
Your debut album Before Too Long features D12, Nazareth and Sandi Thom.
Hard Kaur's video ' Desi Dance' with Eminem's D12 is out on YouTube.
Twenty-four gilts were hysterectomized on D12 and D15 of the estrous cycle and D12, D15, D30, D60, D90, or D114 of pregnancy (n = 3 gilts/day/status).
The Anger Management road show - featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, G-Unit and D12 - regrouped and eventually continued, minus Alchemist - Eminem's DJ - who suffered broken ribs and a bruised lung.
EMINEM, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva and Proof all make up D12, who are back after selling four million copies of their debut album Devil's Night two years ago.
Canadian rock chick Avril Lavigne and D12 both fell three places to eight and nine with My Happy Ending and How Come, respectively.
Straight in at number two is the rap crew D12, which features hip hop star Eminem, with My Band
Eminem and his band D12 were unhappy at being asked to do a second take of their hit song Purple Hills.
Marshall Mathers also joined the rapper's group D12 in a medley to keep the mood of the crowd ticking.