D19Day 19 of Pregnancy (research test group)
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Coming here takes me back to that terrifying time, but I felt I had to show my gratitude for all the work D19 staff did to save my boy.
05) increased at D19 in calves fed both experimental diets when compared to those at D5 (Table 5).
Four wards, D6, D16, D18, and D19, have been closed, with visitors being urged to stay away unless absolutely necessary.
More information on Microsoft's solutions and services for mobile operators can be found by visiting Microsoft's booth in Hall 1, D19 at Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona.
The meat is showing up on menus all over the United States--in burgers at local treasures like D19 Restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, and as a specialty item at places like swanky Craftsteak Las Vegas and San Francisco's elegant Restaurant Gary Danko and Fleur de Lys.
For Q1 all data mining documents are relevant, while for Q2 documents D6, D18 and D19 are relevant.
Journal of Geophysical Research D19 106:22647-22653.
The refunds will be for zones D11, D13, D14, D15 and D19.
at D19 ("plaintiff should not be able to recover lump sum damages in anticipation of future diagnostic expenses.
D19, for John Hollander's recantation of his disparagement of Howl back in the spring of 1957 ("Poetry Chronicle," Partisan Review, 24 [Spring 1957], 296-304).
Table 5 Errors Occasioned by Each Test Line in All Transfer Tests to Variants for Each Subject Subject Stimulus # Response Sequence 277 D2 1 JJJJJJJJ D3 1 JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ D4 1 JJJJJJJJ D11 1 JJJJJJKJ D12 2 JJJJJJJJ D14 1 JJJJJJJJ D15 1 JJJJJJJJ D17 1 JJJJJJJJ D18 1 JJJJJ9JJ D18 1 JJJJJJJJ D25 1 JJJJJJJJ 278 D17 1 JJJJJJJJ D21 1 JJJJJJJJ 279 D2 1 JJJJJJ D3 1 JJJJJJ D7 1 JJJJJJJJ D10 1 JJJJJJJJ D13 1 UJJJJJJJ D15 1 JJJJJJJJ D19 1 JJJJJJJJ D21 1 JJJJJJJJ D25 1 JJJJJJJJ Note.