D1RD1 Dopamine Receptor
D1RD1-Like Receptor (kidney research)
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The 9 open reading frames (A7L, A10L, A24R, D1R, D5R, E6R, E9L, H4L, and J6R) used for OPXV characterization were mapped in contig 1, and their sequences (total 27,228 nt) were concatenated and aligned with concatenated cognate sequences of selected OPXVs.
The effects of pramipexole versus vehicle were significantly (p < 0.05 or lower, Bonferroni's test) attenuated by pretreatment with SB277011-A (50 nM) and S33084 (10 nM), but not by the D1R antagonist SCH23390 (1 [micro]M) (Figures 5(d)-5(f)), as supported by the significant two-way ANOVA interaction obtained on the maximal length of dendrites [[F.sub.(43,232)] = 4.6, p < 0.005], number of primary dendrites [[F.sub.(3,392)] = 3.7,p < 0.02], and soma area [[F.sub.(3,312)] = 3.6,p < 0.02].
Hintschich et al., "Gastric bypass surgery recruits a gut PPAR-[alpha]-striatal D1R pathway to reduce fat appetite in obese rats," Cell Metabolism, vol.
(13) At the start of Scene 2, Leatherhead addresses Trash as "Sister Trash, Lady o'the Basket" (D1r; 2.2.2).
It was well documented that there is a close functional interaction between the D1R and the mGluR5; with the longterm use of L-Dopa, the PKC/MEK/ERK1/2 pathway was activated [30], while blockade of the mGluR5 might call back the overactivated signal pathways.
NADPH oxidase activity can be inhibited either by stimulation of D1R, via a PKA and PKC crosstalk, or by direct stimulation of D5R or by indirect inhibition of PLD [134-136].
(2008) reported with in vivo PET imaging and in vitro autoradiography--that is, decreased D2R and no effect on D1R.
58); the "common people" whose "rebuking of manners in that place is neyther lawfull nor conuenient, but to be held for a kinde of libelling and defaming" (Gosson, Plays Confuted D1r); and "the rude multitude" who "are moued with vnconstant motions, whereby manie-times they like of that which is most hurtful" (Munday D1r).
D1r: Descrittione seconda del sopradetto viaggio, quale scrisse copiosamente messer Antonio Pigafetta).
D1r. Wallace, 349-63, provides a good summary of Seneca's De beneficiis in his essay arguing that Shakespeare's Timon reveals the Senecan ideal of a just society of mutual benefits accruing from generosity as unworkable; still, Hobbes's Leviathan reveals a cultural nostalgia for Senecan illusions.