D2ADigital to Analog (television signal conversion)
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Which means that the predicted values will be relatively conservative as long as the expansion rate is greater than a value of (d2a / dN)[.sub.n].
The contract has been signed to sell its entire working interest in the Clive D2A and D3A Units, associated non-unit production, and other rights associated with the Clive CO2 development.
Segundo ACSM (2003), SBC (2005), SBC (2006), os fatores de risco para doencas cardiovasculares sao: pressao arterial alta; lipidios sanguineos anormais; uso de tabaco; inatividade fisica e obesidade (relacao cintura/quadril aumentada, circunferencia d2a cintura aumentada, IMC maior que 30kg/[m.sup.2]), diabetes e dietas inadequadas, sendo estes osmaiores fatores de risco modificaveis, sendo modificaveis tambem o status socio economico baixo, saude mental debilitada (depressao), uso de alcool, estresse psicossocial, uso de alguns medicamentos, lipoproteinas e hipertrofia ventricular esquerda.
(20.) See box 1, item D2a on the employee portion of the survey in the appendix.
The prediction is that in interpreting he in D2b "attention" would first shift to John in D2a and then to Bill in D2a.
For DJ graph reduction, we carry over the definition of the E1 and E2a rules to our delayed elimination method, and call them the D1 and D2a rules, respectively.
Primers for LSU D2D3 amplification were D2A (5'-ACAAGTACCGTGGGGAAAGTTG-3') and D3B (5'-TCGGAAGGAACCAGCTACTA-3') (Nunn, 1992).
Second, following the criticism of APRA in the HIH Royal Commission (2003), the GENESIS data collection was replaced by a significantly different and more extensive collection known as D2A (Direct to APRA).