D2EHPADi 2 Ethyl Hexyl Phosphoric Acid (effective metal extractant)
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where the overbar refers to the solvent phase and [(HR).sub.2] represents the dimeric form of D2EHPA.
Kinetic analysis of the reactive liquid-liquid test system ZnSO4 / D2EHPA / n-heptane.
Separation of Zn(II) and Mn(II) from sulphate solutions using sodium salts of D2EHPA, PC 88A and Cyanex 272.
Recovery of zinc sulphate from industrial effluents by liquid-liquid extraction using D2EHPA (di-2-ethylhexyl phosphoric acid).
Equilibrium study for manganese extraction in sulfate media with D2EHPA in Isoparaffin (17/21).
The metals removal stage will typically use an extractant such as D2EHPA and, by adjusting the slurry pH though the metals removals stage, the contaminating metals can be extracted.