D2FDesktop to Fax
D2FDrive 2 Fitness (youth fitness program)
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For DENV-2, we amplified a 519-bp segment at the E-NS1 junction by using primers D2F 2050-2071 (5'-CCATTCGGAGACAGCTACATCA-3') and D2R 2569-2548 (5'-GAGCCTTCTGGATAGCTGAAGC-3').
We used deoxyinosine in the DEN-2 forward primer (D2F) to overcome the genotypic variations within DEN-2.
The 20-[micro]L reaction mixture contained the following components: 1 x Roche LightCycler RT-PCR reaction mix HybProbe, 5 mmol/L MgCl2, 0.5 [micro]mol/L D1-4R primer, 0.4 [micro]mol/L D1F primer, 0.3 [micro]mol/L each of D2F and D3F primers, 0.5 [micro]mol/L D4F primer, 1x SGI, and 0.5 [micro]L RNA sample.