D2FDrive 2 Fitness (youth fitness program)
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The camp's line-up also includes the D2F Debates, where participants can hear how direct-to-fan is impacting the business of managers, retailers and labels, with panel discussions involving Rostrum Records, Record Store Day, Cooking Vinyl, Rough Trade Records, Caroline Distribution and Glassnote Entertainment Group, among others.
For DENV-2, we amplified a 519-bp segment at the E-NS1 junction by using primers D2F 2050-2071 (5'-CCATTCGGAGACAGCTACATCA-3') and D2R 2569-2548 (5'-GAGCCTTCTGGATAGCTGAAGC-3').
This has truly been a D2F (Direct to Fan) campaign at this point, and we're blown away at the response to the song," says Evans.