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D2FDrive 2 Fitness (youth fitness program)
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2001): KN58 = 5'-GTATGTTTGGTTGAAGGTC-3' and KNRV = 5'-CACGCTCATACAACT GCTC-3', were used; and for region D2/D3 regions, the primers D2F, 5'-CCTTAGTAACGGCGAGTGAAA-3' (forward) and 536, 5'-CAGCTATCCTGAGGAAAC-3' (reverse), were used as external primers to amplify the D2/D3 regions; primers 502, 5'-CAAGTACCGTGAGGGAAAGT TGC-3' (forward) and 503, 5'-CCTTGGTCCGT GTTTCAAGACG-3' (reverse), were used as internal primers for sequencing.
For DENV-2, we amplified a 519-bp segment at the E-NS1 junction by using primers D2F 2050-2071 (5'-CCATTCGGAGACAGCTACATCA-3') and D2R 2569-2548 (5'-GAGCCTTCTGGATAGCTGAAGC-3').