D2KData to Knowledge (data mining application)
D2KDeveloper 2000 (Oracle)
D2KDressed to Kill (fashion label; Seoul, South Korea)
D2KDefender 2000 (Atari Jaguar game)
D2KDragonz 2000 (gaming clan)
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Our D2K tools offer many ways for scientists to analyze and understand complex relationships and develop better predictive models.
The D2K Coalition's demonstration, scheduled for 5 to 8 p.
D2K protest spokeswoman Margaret Prescod said the allocation for the sheriff brings the total police protection budget to potentially $15 million.
For the last two years, Seagrave served as CEO and president of D2K Inc.
Hank Rosenfeld Days of Gore/Nights at the Goronation Santa Monica < As a veteran of World War II and the Korean conflict, I must confess my blood boils when I hear statements such as Lisa Fithian's, one of the organizers of the protest association D2K Network: ``We want to face and confront the institutions that oppress the people.
According to Wally Guthrie, project manager for D2K at FPC, "We view the InService Mobile deployment as a vital next step in our Delivery 2000 project - one that will allow us to achieve a strong competitive position.
After a hard day of containing the 50,000 D2K protesters who vow to create bedlam in downtown L.
We are extremely excited about working as partners with D2K," said LYNX CEO Jacqueline Alvarez.
Invented by D2K on its way to winning six patents, with a seventh pending, the product exploits the Web and interconnects such applications as ERP, SCM, EAI etc.
Partnering with D2K gives PeopleSoft customers an additional way to easily and rapidly deploy EPM analytic applications.
With this new release, D2K addresses the market's classic, but increasingly more stringent, requirements for greater performance, functionality, and ease of use.