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D2RDance Dance Revolution (game aka DDR)
D2RDegrees to Radians (mathematics measurement conversion)
D2RDreams to Reality (various organizations)
D2RDirect-to-Retail (distribution model)
D2RDoor-to-Reperfusion (cardiology)
D2RDigital-to-the-Room (entertainment product)
D2RFrom Discovery to Recovery (lecture series)
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The injected hD2R_hMPCs were successfully tracked in the crush injury region using the specific D2R radiotracer [[sup.18]F]Fallypride (early time point), resulting in a virus dose-dependent signal (Figure 3(b)).
D2R mRNA was detectable from day 11 of differentiation, while D3R mRNA was expressed at the iPSC stage, not detectable at day 11 of differentiation while it started to appear again from day 19 (Figure 1(j)).
Taken together these studies indicate that ethanol diminishes dopamine's ability to inhibit prolactin secretion by altering the processing (i.e., splicing) of D2R mRNA, promoting the increase of the D2L isoform, as well as by differentially altering the expression of various Gi and Gs proteins in lactotropic cells.
The mice in the enriched environment lived anywhere from 16 to 22 percent longer than those in a deprived environment, depending on the level of D2R expression.
The control plant is responsible for moving the robotic arm that is enabled by two direct-current ESCAP 28 D2R 11 motors and the appropriate power electronics.
The D2RQ Platform has three main features:D2RQ Mapping Language, D2RQ Engine, D2R Server.
Representing a desirable innovation in the pharmacodynamics of antipsychotic medications, the evidence indicates that alstonine does not bind to D2 dopamine receptors (D2R) and differentially regulates dopamine in the cortical and limbic areas.
He says that his Dreams to Reality Foundation (D2R Foundation) will provide resources, facilities and training.
These drugs block the dopamine 2 receptors (D2R) in the central nervous system which induces an increase of PRL synthesis in lactotrophic cells of the anterior pituitary [20-22].
Similar observations were reported in omega-3 PUFA-deficient rats, in which the expression of the dopamine receptor (D2R) was decreased in the frontal cortex and increased in the nucleus accumbens [96,101,102].
For the data from relational databases, we use RDB2RDF tools such as D2R [29] to enable this data into standard RDF data.