D2T2Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (Printing)
D2T2Digital Display Tabletop Trainer
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67) was recorded in D2T2, while highest population (32.
ha-1) grains yield was recorded in D2T2, while minimum (461.
Previous studies of the D2T2 process have shown that dye diffusion is strongly connected to the Tx of the receiving layer.
These include a transparent scratch- and chemical-resistant grade (Makrofol ID 320 polycarbonate film), a D2T2 printable grade (Makrofol ID 285 Dyefusion film) and a very thin, white film (Makrofol ID 4-4 polycarbonate film) designed to cover chip modules integrated into the core of polycarbonate cards.
Bike Lake's D2T2 pays homage to South Carolina's waterfowling history.