D2VDvi to Vga
D2VDvd to Avi
D2VDirect to Video (movie release)
D2VDengue Type 2 Virus (immunology)
D2VDigital 2 Virtual
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(36) Marston's Marlovian grab in Jack Drum, 'And suckes my soule forth with a melting kisse' (D2v), parallels Mellida's lines at the end of the first Antonio play: 'Whil'st I instill the deawe of my sweete blisse, / In the soft pressure of a melting kisse' (I4r).
1628-1629, Queen Henrietta Maria's Men at the Cockpit in Drury Lane): "A Chaire of state discover'd" (Q1, D2v).
FUNDING: This article was supported by grants from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) 1R03 HS025495-01 and the University of Colorado School of Medicine Data to Value (D2V) project.
(A & V 2.3.115) "bare promise" (WD 5.1.131) beggar (and begger (n.) (B4, beg (12 times) Many forms related words) D2v, F3v) beg'd (6 times) used by both begger (v.) (F2) begg'd (once) SP (10 times) beggarly (D4) beggar (once) and Webster beggers (n.) beggarly (once) (44 times).
(19) SP contains three allusions to "wakes" or local festivals (D2v, E3) such as "the Wake in Summer" that Webster's idealized Franklin regularly attends, while SP's several allusions to youthful dancing, in one instance "upon the Greene" (E3v), again remind us of the Franklin's approval of "Countrey Lasses daunc[ing] in the Churchyard after Evensong" (CHARS FRANK 21-23).
Expressions of contempt for cosmetics and vanity (B4, F2, Fv), for tobacco (B4, Fv), for female garrulousness and gossip (D, D2v, F, Fv, F2, F3v, F4), for pedantry and too much study (C2v, F4, Hv), for ignorance and stupidity (B3, D, D3, D3v, F4v), for court values (Ev, H), and for pretentiousness of style (B2, Hv) can all be paralleled in Webster.
Shadow images, notable favorites of Webster (there are at least twenty-eight instances), appear six times in SP (C, D2v, D3v, F, F4v, H3v).
If this is not the case, stage directions like "Six Chaires placed at the Arras" (John Fletcher and William Rowley, The Maid in the Mill F1, 4A2v) and "Exit Gall behind the hangings" (Francis Beaumont and Fletcher, Philaster Q2, D2v [sig.
Once converted, Alban receives the 'Embleme of a Christian' that the angel bestowed upon Amphiabel during the miracle at the well (D2v).
(6.154-7; D2v) By repunctuating Gaveston's opening expression of contempt for the poverty of the commoners, the 'overstretched' nature of their material existence, Barnes adds credibility to Mortimer Junior's accusations.
(D2v) (25) It would be a mistake, however, to take Marston's work as the model for generalizations about children's theatre extending over a much longer period than he was active, and even within his short career his work altered to take account of rapidly growing young performers, ever gaining in confidence and experience.
(45) The Lamentable Tragedie of Oedipvs the Sonne of Laivs Kyng of Thebes out of Seneca, Alexander Neville (trans) (London, 1563; stc: 22225), D2v.