D3030-Sided Dice (gaming)
D30Diameter of 30 (particle measurement)
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Samples of wild clams (n = 24; 24.62 [+ or -] 1.25 mm average shell height) were collected from Praia da Daniela from September 30 to November 23 of 2011 (time points DO, D15, D30, D45, and D55) to compare reproductive development with that of conditioned clams.
Based on their Nugent scores on D30, 48 patients were successfully cured and 17 patients were not cured.
However, significant difference in moisture content was observed for the duck samples (P < 0.05), showing the control to be least, while D30 to be highest, although the difference was minimal between the samples.
Data from real-time RT-PCR performed to assess the effect of the day of pregnancy (D12, D15, D30, D60, D90, and D114) in the endometrium, effect of the day of pregnancy (D30, D60, D90, and D114) in chorioallantoic tissue, on the expression of ABCC1, ABCC9, SLCO4C1, and SLCO5A1, and data from IL1B dose-response studies were analyzed by least squares regression analysis.
The sample D20 was tested under the hydrostatic pressures of 10, 20, and 30 MPa at room temperature (16[degrees]C), while the sample D30 under the constant pressure of 20 MPa was tested at the successively increasing temperature, that is, 15, 30, and 40[degrees]C.
At D7, D15, and D30 after birth, 6 pups from each group were sacrificed by decapitation, and samples were collected.
NIHSS scores: The comparisons of the NIHSS scores of the three groups before the treatment and at H1, H24, D7, D30, and D90 after the treatment revealed that the neurological functions of the three groups were all effectively improved (Fig.1).
Another good alternative is a waterproof point and shoot camera, such as the Canon Powershot D30, small enough to tuck into the pocket of your waders, while still shooting magazine-quality photos.
Canon's PowerShot D30 is the company's latest product to hit the waves.
The substance is known in technical terms as a "dilatant non-Newtonian fluid" and is also marketed under the trademarks "D3o" or"D30."