D37Dose Yielding 37% Survival
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D6, 10.IX.2013, 4 ex.; D10, 10.IX.2013, 12 ex.; D18, 13.IX.2013, 7 ex.; D27, 22.IV.2014, 3 ex.; D37, 25.IV.2014, 8 ex.; D38, 25.IV.2014, 1 ex.; D39, 25.IV.2014, 5 ex.; D42, 25.IV.2014, 11 ex.; D43, 25.IV.2014, 2 ex.
The first group included A2, A35,B3,B35, A85,E61, C33, C11, E6, F11,D26,C66 ,E6,E61, H11,G63, D63, while the second group included, F72 and genotypes (E70, D12, D37 ) grouped in the third cluster.
Por su parte, el tipo Zoila Rojo Inciso presenta decoraciones con lineas incisas o excisas (D37) que aparecen en dos o tres paneles separados en el exterior y rodeando a la vasija, asi como en el borde y el labio.
'The sultan did not ask anything to the youngest child.' (D37.I)
The company claimed to have raised total net proceeds before expenses of US D37.65m from the public offering.
(D37:10-13) Daniel's use of the verbs is reminiscent of Petrarch's stated objective in relation to Laura--to incarnate ('incarnare', Il Canzoniere, 308:8) (29), a word of layered meanings: as a technical term of painting, it means 'to paint in the colour of the flesh', or, figuratively, 'to capture a natural likeness', 'to represent vividly'.
The glioma cell lines used include SKMG3 (overexpressing EGFR), U118 and U87 (not overexpressing EGFR), HS463 (mutant p53), and D37 (wild type p53).
OK, and I'll put on Coriolanus and forget I'm in Aberffrwd Road, and imagine I'm sitting in seat D37 of the middle gallery, on a cushion I hired for a pound.
The D37 model operates with 85 hp at 2000 rpm and has operating weights from 16,340 to 17,130 pounds.
(The effects of this difference in treatment can be seen in the delta scores shown in Cells D31 and D37 and in the corresponding delta z-scores shown in Cells E31 and E37.) The strength of this difference is easily explained.
Sobre fundaciones de poblados tlaxcaltecas en el noreste: "Certificacion: El pueblo de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Nueva Tlaxcala, certifican que por el ano de 1698 salieron de San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala quince familias", septiembre de 1749, AMS, presidencia Municipal, cl, e32, d37, 1f.; "Certificacion dada por las autoridades de Nuestra Senora de la Purificacion manifestando que por los anos de 1687, salieron del pueblo de San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala catorce familias a fundar el pueblo de Nuestra Senora de San Juan del Carrizal, y anos despues fundan el pueblo de Nuestra Senora de la Purificacion", agosto de 1749, AMS, Presidencia Municipal, cl, e32, d36, 1f.; "Cabildo, justicia y regimiento del pueblo de San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala.