D3ADecide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess (US DoD)
D3ADesign 3 Architecture (architectural firm; Monroeville, PA)
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Si le prix de la vitamine D3A ne depassera pas les 120 DA, elle ne sera plus fabriquee chez nous[beaucoup plus grand que], fait-il savoir en appelant a revoir les marges beneficiaires et les risques.
The attacks on May 8, 1942, by Japanese B5Ns and D3A dive-bombers doomed "Lady Lex." The descriptions of these attacks, and the captain and crew's heroic fight to save the ship make for thrilling reading.
The contract has been signed to sell its entire working interest in the Clive D2A and D3A Units, associated non-unit production, and other rights associated with the Clive CO2 development.
The pH and EC in water were measured using a combination pH electrode; water-soluble cations (Ca, Na, Mg, K, Al, Fe, and trace elements) were analysed by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES); water-soluble anions (N[O.sub.3], Cl, and P) and N[H.sub.4] were measured using flow injection analysis (FIA, LaChat Flow Injection Analysis QuickChem 8000) using QuickChem methods 10-117-07-2-B, 10-107-04-1-H, 31-115-01-3-A, and 10-107-06-4-D, respectively; water-soluble S[O.sub.4] by ICP-AES; alkalinity was determined by titration (Method Dla) and reported in terms of HC[O.sub.3] (Method D3a) and C[O.sub.3] (Method D2a) (Rayment and Higginson 1992).
His previous duty stations include Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington D.C.; Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Va.; Commanding Officer for Assistant Secretary of the Navy (R&D), Washington, D.C.; Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 210, Baltimore, Md.; Defense Energy Support Center, Fort Belvoir, Va.; Military Sealift Command Pacific, Oakland, Calif.; Tank Farm D3A, Long Beach, Calif.; Navy Regional Contracting Center, San Diego, Calif.; Special Boat Squadron ONE, Coronado, Calif.; and USS Reasoner (FF-1063).
The effectiveness of SARA methodology can be exponential when it is nested with the decide, detect, deliver, and assess (D3A) targeting process often used to focus decisive operations and information operations.
First, the Bonnie Glen D3A gas field, one of the richest in Canada, was found under Pigeon Lake.
The mutation occurred at the position following base 810 of the coding sequence, in the first base position of the putative sixth intron of GmFA D3A. Williams 82 cDNA did not appear to produce any misspliced products when amplified with the primers that revealed missplicing in CX1512-44 (data not shown).
The targeting process is formed from the model of decide, detect, deliver, and assess (D3A).
Forty three Mitsubishi A6M2 fighters armed with machine guns and cannon set off, followed by 49 Nakajima B5N bombers carrying 1760-pound armour piercing bombs, 51 Aichi D3A dive bombers and another 40 Nakajima bombers carrying torpedoes modified for the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor.
(11) d3a?be-pargar (box + compass) 'box including compass, ruler, protractor, etc.'