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D3DDirect 3D
D3DDirect Three Dimensional
D3DDisplay in 3-Dimensions
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That's a problem - with the kernel-mode driver running on the same thread as the game and the D3D layer, there's just not much for the other threads to do.
The D3D's gold crossbar contacts are designed to ensure reliable performance.
From the beginning, Valve claimed that it was possible to boost OpenGL performance over D3D in Windows, and it's recently put a hefty push behind Vulkan, the Mantle-based API that's a successor to OpenGL.
It was then decided that if a state-ofthe-art 4K D3D digital projector and sound system were also being installed then customers would appreciate new seats, too.
New partner D3D Cinema is a Chicago-based company offering 'complete digital 3D cinema solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide'.