D3GDivision 3 Girls
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Both the D5G and D4G tractors are equipped with seven rollers on each side while the smaller D3G has six rollers per side.
Hostaperm Red D2G 70 and Hostaperm Red D3G 70 are recommended for automotive finishes and high quality industrial coatings.
The D5G's engine is turbocharged and produces 90 hp at the flywheel, while the engines in the D3G and D4G are naturally aspirated and offer net power of 70 hp and 80 hp, respectively Two undercarriage configurations are offered -- the XL with extended length roller frame and the LGP (low ground pressure).
Clariant's stable also includes Hostaperm Yellow H7G--a very green shade, highly chromatic pigment that is an ideal partner to be combined with the firm's bismuth vanadate--as well as Hostaperm Red D2G 70 (PR 254) and Hostaperm Red D3G 70 (PR 254).
With Hostaperm Red D2G 70 and Hostaperm Red D3G 70, Clariant is now also offering DPP pigments, completing the range of opaque red pigments.
Included are the PR 254 types Hostaperm Red D2G 70 and Hostaperm Red D3G 70, and the PR 264 types Hostaperm Rubine D3B and Hostaperm Rubine D3B-WD.
The new high performance pigments (with the color index pigment red 254) are Hostaperm Red D2G 70 LV 2647, a high quality red pigment suitable for use in automotive OEM finishes and refinishes, and Hostaperm Red D3G 70 LV 2884, a high performance red pigment intended for use mainly in industrial paint.