D3RD3 Dopamine Receptor
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The scanning radars (NPOL, D3R, DOW, and EC X band) operated through mid-January (with a Christmas break for the U.
The Ka-/Ku-band dual-frequency D3R radar has especially high resolution and sensitivity.
Example of an RHI of Ka-band reflectivity observed by the D3R radar in an azimuth directed from the coast (range 0 km) toward the Quinault valley at 1828 UTC 18 Dec 2015.
The D3R Digital Winding Tester can perform Resistance, HiPot and Surge tests as well as digitise and store data for future use.
The decomposition equation used for CQESTR contains only one more term (fB, a biomass or residue type factor) than D3R.
The D3R model provided the proving ground for this process to allow for differing decomposition rates of residues with different initial nitrogen contents.