D4DDirect for Diesel
D4DDogs for Diabetics (Concord, CA)
D4DDrive for Diversity (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)
D4DDynamics for Display (various locations)
D4DDowntown for Democracy (New York)
D4DDesign for Demise (space debris)
D4DDevices for Dignity (healthcare technology cooperative; UK)
D4DDesigning for Dissemination (US NCI; Bethesda, MD)
D4DDollars for Democrats (political group)
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The D4D teams winning solution uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict the number and locations of internally displaced people through URL tagging and word frequency by drawing on a vast amount of online data.
Very few of those involved in the D4D challenge had direct experience of Cote d'Ivoire.
We were able to leverage D4D and the delivery preference, so we built a solution where the sending organization sent us the CCD [Continuity of Care Document] to get to the next provider of care.
2 D4D PRICE: PS26,500 MECHANICAL: 147bhp, 2,198cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving four wheels via 6-speed manual gearbox MAX SPEED: 118mph 0.
The 148bhp D4D can't get close to that but a respectable 9.
During the recent launch D4D event, staff held an internal sale of food, used books, DVDs and CDs as well as cookies, sweets, computer games and board games.
4 D4D diesel engine was the first to be made entirely of aluminium by Toyota.
The outcomes of D4D were staff ownership of the initiative, the use of focused professional development, greater cohesion of the administrative team, the creation and implementation of curricula that were more closely aligned with the students' needs, and students' improved reading achievement and behavior.
Already known for its successful fund-raising events for the Kerry campaign in 2004, D4D is shifting its focus from the national to the local with a "Take Back New York" campaign.
The proper title for the model I tested is 'Rav 4 XT4 2-litre D4D 5-door manual'.
D4D is a Political Action Committee that uses soft money raised in the arts community to pressure uninformed citizens in swing states to vote for John Kerry.
There's also a D4D turbo diesel which offers good performance and 50 mpg-plus economy.