D4RD4 Dopamine Receptor
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9] 23, Blast [male], R Backe and Posner [1] 23, Traction-hyperextension [male], NM Lanzetta and Conolly 23, Traction-hyperextension [4, 5] [male], NM Author Finger(s) Site of rupture Our case D5L FDS: zone 3 FDP: zone 1 Cheung and Chow [3] D4R FDS: zone 2 FDP: zone 1 Orun et al.
The iameco D4R laptop is one early achievement of the ZeroWIN collaboration.
For DENV-4, we amplified a 962-bp segment encompassing part of the C protein, preM protein, and part of the E protein by using primers D4F 137-162 (5'-TCAATATGCTGAAACGCGAGAGAACCG 3-') and D4R 1099-1074 (5'-CCACTTCCTTGGCTGTTGT CTTGATC-3').