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d4TStavudine (aka Zerit; HIV treatment drug)
d4TDidehydrodeoxythymidine (antiviral drug)
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NRTI Comments K65R High-level resistance to TDF, ddI, ABC and d4T. Low to intermediate-level resistance to 3TC and FTC.
The NRTIs included AZT, 3TC, and d4T, whereas NNRTIs included NVP and EFV.
Two antiretrovirals are particularly of concern, i.e., AZT and d4T. Compared with d4T, the odds ratio of AZT inducing anemia is 1.693 [27] or 2.51, [6] or the risk is roughly 2-3 times.
In 2 cases NVP was switched to EFV following the initiation of TB treatment, and d4T was substituted for AZT in 1 case following diagnosis of hepatitis.
In the Australian MITOX study, 111 HIV-positive patients with evidence of fat-wasting from the limbs and who were taking a HAART regimen including AZT or d4T, were randomly allocated to either switch the thymidine analogue for ABC or remain on AZT or d4T.
Favorable lipid and mitochondrial (mt) DNA profile for tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) compared to stavudine (d4T) in combi nation with lamivudine (3TC) and efavirenz (EFV) in antiretroviral therapy (ART) naive patients: a 48 week interim analysis [Abstract].
All antiretroviral drugs were allowed, though AZT and stavudine (d4T) use was minimized.
The researchers also found that lipoatrophy was significantly associated with d4T use, and called for "improving access to alternative less-offending drugs like tenofovir and abacavir." This article ominously documents the development of a new global system of second-class medical care, imposed by trade laws that countries throughout the world have been pressured to accept.
* As an initial HIV treatment, the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor ("nuke") Zerit (d4T) has been downgraded from a "preferred" HIV med to an "alternative" HIV med because of increasing reports of side effects, especially the association with lipoatrophy (fat wasting).
The "nukes" can be associated with this side effect (for example ddI, d4T).