D5SDeoxIT D5 Spray (electronics cleaning product)
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D5S, a member of the Ni-resist family, has an austenitic matrix because of its high Ni content.
In this case, the experimental values (12 points, 20-950[degrees]C), used for fitting the parameters, were provided by Georg Fisher Automotive, whereas the data for D5S (3 points, 23-900[degrees]C) and HK30 (4 points, 500-900[degrees]C) were taken from previous work [7].
The materials are HK30 (a-b), SiMo51 (c-d), D5S (e-f) and SiMo1000 (g-h).
Volvo Car Corporation (Volvo Car), a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), is equipping its S80 D5s with a new twin-turbocharged diesel 2.4 litre five cylinder engine.
A packed court heard yesterday that dad-of-one Hall was under the influence of a dangerous cocktail of crack cocaine and 10 benzodiazepine tablets, also known as "D5s", when the killing took place.
In his statement, he insisted: "If I was in my right mind and not on D5s, out of my head, I wouldn't have gone ahead with it."
ALL CHANGE: Volvo expects a third of all S60 models in 2002 will be D5s and has doubled its allocation of right-hand drive production STYLISH: The D5 has a host of practical features and boasts an eye-catching design
"The tremendous heat generated and the 'can't fail' performance required have previously required the use of alloys with high nickel content D2 through D5S," Blackburn said.
The D5s' pedestrian black finish doesn't match the looks of the Zeppelin iPod dock, but it matches it for sound quality.
However, Ni-resist D5S (36%Ni;5%Si;2%Cr) has become the established material for more demanding applications.