D64Doom 64 (game)
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Office sought: D64 School Board Member, 4-year Term
I have been attending school board meetings not just for District 64 but for other area districts to gather ideas of practices for the D64 School Board that might work to improve communication such as having a district community advisory board, running the school board meetings more efficiently, and posting board briefs with the purpose of synthesizing the minutes of the school board meeting.
Address for correspondence: Mark Eberhard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd NE, Mailstop D64, Atlanta, GA 30329-4027, USA; email: mle1@cdc.gov
In Experiment 1, to examine if bovine COCs were penetrated by spermatozoa in a medium without the addition of a bicarbonate buffer and to determine the proper concentration of spermatozoa, oocytes were inseminated with a final concentration of 0.1 to 10x[10.sup.6] cells/ml for 12 h using spermatozoa from a bull (D64).
Experiments were repeated 2 times using spermatozoa obtained from D64.
Spermatozoa from 3 bulls (D64, 49-22F and 51-15N) had a significantly (p<0.05) higher ability to penetrate COCs than sperm from bull 54-23F.
Its D64 illumination source is calibrated in both the ultraviolet and visible regions for the accurate measurement of fluorescent paint.
Tenders are invited for Package-2- 1)re-construction of bridge at ch: 12.90km and improvements to road from bannenahalli to ichanahalli village coming under d64 of hlbc.2)improvements to road from bukinakere-attuppe road to vodakashettihally tank under d-64 of hlbc 3)improvements to road from b.bachahally to atchkat of d-64 coming under d-64 of hlbc 4)improvements to road from attuppe to mathikere via hongemuddanakoppalu under d-64 of hlbc.5)improvements to road from yagachaguppe chikkagadiganahalli main road to kuruba
Protect Plus M600 will be presented at Data Center World London, on April 12 & 13, booth D64.