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D66Democraten 66 (Dutch political party)
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Socially, D66 had pushed for wider use of the controversial law on euthanasia, but that is at odds with the Christian values of two coalition partners.
But the big winner three months ago was D66, a party that promotes liberal values including gay marriage and the right for women to have an abortion.
While the far-right party is seen losing two seats and dropping to just three, the left-liberal D66 and the centre-right CDA are neck-and-neck in the lead according to exit polls conducted by Ipsos, that see both gaining just over 15% of the votes.
At the moment, a bill aiming to launch a non-binding referendum - a proposal made back in 2005 by PvdA (Socialists), D66 (progressive Liberals) and GroenLinks (Greens) - is waiting for the Dutch Senate's approval.
Even 53% of people who vote for the pro-Europe Liberal democrats D66 want restrictions to continue, the poll apparently shows.
Hill, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd NE, Mailstop D66, Atlanta, GA 30333, USA; email: vhill@cdc.
The resumption of 'traditional consensual practices' (4) in the 1980s culminated in the formation of the so-called purple coalition (5) between the liberal VVD, PvdA and D66, a smaller left-wing liberal party.
De Hond found the Socialists would add three seats, while the social-liberal D66 and the Green Left would add two each.
Again, it is not D66, but the PVV which is standing up for the average man who is bothered by the multicultural society.
Liverpool Rafa Benitez Still waiting for that first elusive Premier League title, but getting closer now he has kept the tinkering to a minimum Record P294 W168 L60 D66
In 1981, the NSF as the umbrella organization to the sports community in our country, drafted the so-called 'Starting points for sports and politics' after consultations with representatives of the main political parties CDA, PvdA, VVD and D66, in which the NOC was also involved.
There has been no strong direction because each of the broadcasters has yew different ideas of how to make television," says Andor Admiraal, a spokesman for D66, Van der Laan's party.