D6DDelta-6 Desaturase
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Deficiencies of biotin, vitamin E, protein, zinc, B12, and B6 also interfere with the action of D6D and other enzymes involved in prostaglandin production.
One way to ensure adequate GLA intake is to bypass the D6D enzyme and supply GLA directly through the diet.
The authors hypothesized that immature functioning of the D6D enzyme may be responsible for ISD in this population and can be corrected with GLA in the form of borage oil.
Because the D6D enzyme is often impaired in humans, many of us are GLA deficient.
The Volvo EC160B is powered by the low-emission Volvo 6-cylinder D6D engine with charged air cooler that complies with EPA Tier 2 and EU Step 2 emission standards.
You can give new life to your Caterpillar D6D, D7G, D7G LGP, D8H or D8K tractors by turning them into productive pipelayers.