DAAKDeutsch-Amerikanisches Akademisches Konzil (German: German-American Academic Council)
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He said if the DAAK and Local Organising Committee, led by CEO Miriam Opondo fail to raise the whole the remaining Sh53m of the budget, they will have to cut on some expenditures.
But student driver Abazar Daak said with some women opting out of their night-driving lessons, he'll be more careful when he sees female drivers on the roads.
Elsheikh R, Daak A, Elsheikh M, Karsany M, Adam I 2007.
of Villages Households Total Population Malay 44 6 seasional 2411 9645 Than Daak 5 187 639 Total number 43 2598 10284 Source: field survey CIFOR and Yayasan Riak Bumi, July 2007
Another prophesy which elders thing is directly related to the people of Southern Blue Nile is when Ngundeng said in his songs "Lare Funj ci maar e dan daak, kua lar Funj, lare je co nyal kua lat ke leer." It says "Tell the Funj that the past relations have ended; tell Funj, tell the son-in-law; continue to discuss it over." This to elders is also confusing.
Drishtee kiosks enable e-government services like obtaining important documents (driving licenses, land records, etc) and addressing of online grievances, and private services like an online marketplace (Gram Haat), e-mail (Gram Daak), and an agriculture forum (Krishi Prashan), Commercial services, implemented in association with corporate institutions include computer education, insurance, digital photography, astrology and matrimonial services.
As in NP, the closed syllable *aa is also retained: daak 'back' < *daak; draam 'village' < *graam; arjaar 'fire' < *angaar.
Their newest politically-charged work, Daak: Call to Action, responds to land rights violations in communities as disparate as West Bengal, India; Tijuana, Mexico; and Minneapolis.
The work described in this article was performed by the Honeywell Technology Center under contract DAAK 60-94-C-0042, issued by the U.S.
DAAK secretary general, Bernard Banja, expressed his gratitude to Safaricom for the continued support and promised to reciprocate with good results.