DAAMDinner and a Movie
DAAMDishevelled-Associated Activator of Morphogenesis (biology)
DAAMDecision Analysis Adaptive Management (Department of Integrative Biology; University of Guelph; Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
DAAMDynamic Associative Access Memory (chip)
DAAMDesign and Arts Arcadia of Myungseung (South Korea)
DAAMDeploy And Assess Methodology
DAAMDimes All Access Media (TV program)
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1] de 1-MCP apresentaram menor indice de iodo-amido, aos 14 e 21 DAAM, e maior firmeza de polpa, aos 14 e 35 DAAM, que frutos de plantas tratadas com 50 mg [L.
Table 1: Molar ratios of ADH crosslinker to DAAM groups in standard latex and the number of DAAM groups that can be crosslinked as a function of the wt% crosslinker in the latex ADH wt% added to Number of moles ADH:1 Number of crosslinkable latex mole DAAM DAAMs per copolymer molecule 1 0.
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Table 6--Comparison of Crosslinking Effectiveness for Butyl Methacrylate-Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer Latex Films With and Without Diacetone Acrylamide (DAAM) as a Comonomer and Adipic Acid Dihydrazide as a Crosslinker Wt% of DAAM 2.
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