DAAMSDepot Area Air Monitoring System
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daamsi from Loranca and Ramblar 1 and coincides greatly with the description by Daams (1989) of Altomiramys aff.
Remarks: One of the striking morphological characters of this specimen is the small width of the crests, a morphology that is typical of the genus Altomiramys (Diaz Molina and Lopez-Martinez, 1979; Daams, 1989; Daams, 1999).
The development of a complete pre- and post-centroloph in the M1,2 from CA3 coincides with morphotype C described by Daams (1981).
bijmai, an association that is typical for local zone Y1 of the Agenian (Alvarez-Sierra et al., 1987; Daams, 1990; Hugueney, 1999a).
Butyl acrylate (BA), methyl methacrylate (MMA), DAAM, methacrylic acid (MA), styrene (St), acrylic acid (AA) ammonium persulfate (APS), adipic dihyd-razide (ADH).
DAAM. MAA, and St monomers emulsified with sodium lauryl sulfate as the surfactant.
A latex with a [T.sub.g] of 118[degrees]C was made using St (46.5 wt%), MMA (46.5 wt%), DAAM (5 wt%), and MA (2 wt%) and will hereafter be referred to as the "high [T.sub.g] latex".
The rate of increase in gel content and the final gel value are identical for 0.5 and 1 wt% ADH, indicating that 0-5 wt% is sufficient to ensure that ADH reacts with at least one DAAM group per molecule.
The presence of a slightly subdivided anterocone in the M1 from JV3 is a characteristic feature of the genus Megacricetodon (Daams and Freudenthal, 1988b).
ibericus from the Upper Aragonian and Lower Vallesian of the Calatayud-Teruel basin (Daams and Freudenthal, 1988b).
crusafonti in Daams and Freudenthal (1988b), but Freudenthal (1963) reported a frequency of 20% in M.
For the moment we use the classification of Freudenthal and Daams (1988).