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DAARTdirectly administered antiretroviral therapy
DAARTDomiciliary Allied health Acute care and Rehabilitation Team (Brisbane, Australia)
DAARTDigital After Action Review Technology (US Army)
DAARTDirectorate for Army Ammunitions, Range, and Targets
DAARTDowned Aviator and Aircraft Recovery Team
DAARTDepartment of the Army Ammunition Requirements Tool (US DoD)
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The web-based DAART program pulls together geospatial intelligence assets from a variety of sources, including terrain and mapping information from the US Geologic Survey and video feeds from overhead aircraft and satellite imagery.
The DAART can be accessed not only by the Guard, but also by state and local authorities and other responding agencies.
The new DAART PC software imports measurement data that has been collected by VSAs or other data collectors that can provide csv-delimited, tab-delimited, or Excel files -- and provides tools for analyzing those measurements, including some industry firsts.
k DAART program includes observation of patients taking their medications, but less often than for TB.
We anticipate the DAART study will increase our patient base by 25% to 40% over a period of six months from the date the DAART study begins, which is in approximately two weeks.