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DAASDivision of Aging and Adult Services (various states)
DaaSData as a Service
DAASDepartment of Aging and Adult Services
DAASDesktops As A Service (virtualized Desktop environment on a subscription basis)
DAASDefense Automatic Addressing System
DAASDoug Anthony Allstars (Australian comedy trio)
DAASDistribution Adjustment Assistance Scheme
DAASDiplomate in the American Academy of Sanitarians
DAASDrunk as a Skunk (Internet slang)
DAASDepartment of Defense Advanced Automation System
DAASDelivery as a Service
DAASDepartment of African American Studies (various schools)
DAASDirect Armor Attachment System (trademark of CamelBak)
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The shipping facility will transmit the RFID tag identity and the related business information via a DLMS transaction to DAAS.
DAAS is designed to effectively use the communication services provided by the Defense Logistics Agency's Enterprise Telecommunications Network (ETN), the Internet, dedicated circuits, and direct-dial commercial networks.
With expansion often comes the increased risk of cyber threats, DaaS shifts the security burden away from the individual device and places it within a data centre that is guarded by the most robust levels of encryption.
As a Horizon DaaS provider, PCCS can now provide users a
With the launch of SmartCLOUD(TM) DaaS, companies that want to provide employees with unfettered access to virtual desktops and hosted applications - whether via desktop PCs, laptops, web browsers, tablets or mobile phones - will be able to enjoy a reduction in CAPEX and a cost reduction related to the ever-increasing virtual desktop software licensing fees.
Mascolini: Are some coinfected people at such an advanced stage that DAAs are not going to be help them?
All of the DaaS service providers in our test — Desktone, dinCloud, ICC Global Hosting, Applications2u, and Nivio — used a Citrix infrastructure to provide desktop sessions.
The Wipro DaaS service with Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft offers a low cost, modular and scalable service model, which can be easily adopted by organizations.
However, providers having a choice of their DAAs is not one of these.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 7, 2017-Use of DAA generics for patients with Hepatitis C in India found to be cost effective
The launch of these highly rugged and reliable DaaS systems enable facilities around the world to monitor pollution and gas emissions in real-time.
DaaS is expected to grow significantly in the near future due to a few dominant themes including cloud-based infrastructure/services, enterprise data syndication, and the consumer services trend towards Everything as a Service (XaaS).