DAASCDefense Automatic Addressing System Center
DAASCDesignated Acquisition Commander
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In-transit information is data from the Global Transportation Network, which gets its data from multiple sources, such as the Global Air Transportation Execution System, Cargo Movement Operations System, Global Decision Support System, Global Freight Management, and DAASC. AV also gets up-to-the-minute data feeds from the global radio frequency in-transit visibility server for all cargo with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags moving through transportation channels.
Data in AV are near-real time, with data exchange occurring as frequently as every 15 minutes for RFID tag records and DAASC requisition transactions.
International addresses have a variety of differences, so DAASC has developed a standard address format so all Services make their addresses look the same.
After the requests from customers were processed and validated, personnel in supply chain management squadron would enter the data (two employees--full time) from the request into an Air Force legacy computer system (D035T) which sent the information to DAASC in a daily batch process which was then updated to the DODAAD.
When the shipment leaves the supply depot, its departure is reported via the DAASC and should be reflected in an in-transit visibility reporting system.
Management authority of the LOTS database is the responsibility of DAASC.
DAASC will use three options to transmit the passive RFID data.
DAASC serves as a "translation and routing" system between the military services' logistics systems and DLA.
DAASC's role was to be the interface between a DoD automated supply system and a private sector contractor that is providing logistics support services.
The battalion commander and S-4 want to keep abreast of when the part will arrive and when it will be installed; so do the DSU repair parts-ordering clerk, the DSU support operations officer, DAASC, the division materiel management center, the corps materiel management center, and the Army Materiel Command's Logistics Support Activity.
(2) DAASC determines that the requisitioned material is managed by the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) and electronically forwards the requisition to NAVICP.
According to DOD 4140.1-R, DOD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation, Section C8., "The Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) shall provide conversion services (DLMS to DLSS and DLSS to DLMS) until all DOD components have implemented approved commercial standards and business processes and these corporate conversion services are no longer needed." Further, Section CS. states, "...