DAASCDefense Automatic Addressing System Center
DAASCDesignated Acquisition Commander
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DAASC had a DODAAC program to display the addresses associated with a DODAAC, but one could not use any other information to create a search.
There a new DODAAC request would have a DODAAC assigned and would be sent to DAASC for loading into the DODAAD.
DAASC will accommodate an interface to provide the appropriate information through an alternate transmission method.
DAASC will push the RFID tag identity and the related business information through an automated trigger or at a regular interval.
DAASC is responsible for the "business rules" within its automated system that determine where requisitions and their associated supply-related transactions need to go in the supply system.
A requisition comes into the DAASC where we route the transaction to the appropriate source of supply, for instance, one of DLA's Inventory Control Points," said Deborah Borovitcky, the DAASC director.
The CRISP Development Team built an XML schema and business object documents and connected the Air Force ALC at Warner Robins to Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, via DAASC.
Transitioning this pilot into a production system involves the role of DLA DAASC as the common interface between contractors and DoD information systems.
How will national providers, such as DLA, the Army Materiel Command, DAASC, and TRANSCOM, track the location of the unit as it moves from the aerial or sea port of debarkation through a staging base to its tactical assembly area and on to its first and then subsequent deployed locations?
Whenever possible, data elements should be captured on the initial requisition and then processed and retained by the logistics information network maintained by DAASC.
3) NAVICP determines that the National Stock Number or Part Number is for PBL material and refers the requisition back to DAASC for routing to the PBL vendor.
the DOD components shall use the corporate services the DLMSO [Defense Logistics Management Standards Office] and the DAASC provide for all logistics business system processing.